Roundup: ethical marketing, seo vs ppc

RoundupI read a lot of blogs in the course of a week. Sometimes I pick a topic and post a bunch of links to posts that I think are really good. Here are some recent ones about marketing.

Ethical Marketing

It used to be that behaving unethically as a marketer was just morally wrong, although it could be argued that eventually your market would find out what you were doing and would punish you. Now you’ll be punished immediately by the internet itself for doing underhanded things. This blog post from Hubspot explains why it’s bad to buy an e-mail list.

And this one from Marketing Pilgrim shows how sometimes even when you think you’re doing the right thing, it could prove not to be the case further down the road, as when google did its last major update and did some damage to some small businesses.

Are marketers sleazy? That’s the question asked at Neuromarketing. The answer’s a version of “a bad apple can spoil the bunch.” Of course some marketers are sleazy, but most people who are passionate about a good product care more about long term customer satisfaction than about making a quick buck using inflated promises.

Content Marketing

Infographic at Marketing Tech Blog about why you should use content for search engine optimization.

Should you depend solely on SEO for website traffic, or should you use PPC? This article from Entrepreneur will help you decide.

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